The European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology: The European representative body for the discipline. The Academy is a registered charity under English law (registered charity number 1115640) that exists to support research, education, and professional practice across Europe. This is achieved through a biennial conference, academic and practitioner-oriented publications, and the provision of small grants to individuals and groups.

Individuals with an interest in the application of scientific psychological principles and practices to occupational health issues are invited to join the Academy. Membership attracts a host of benefits including a free personal subscription to the Academy’s affiliated journal, Work & Stress, as well as discounts on attendance at events.

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Our history

EAOHP has its roots in discussions that began in 1997 between Tom Cox and colleagues at what would later be known as the Institute of Work, Health and Organisations, University of Nottingham (UK) and the departments of Occupational Medicine at Skive Syghus and Herning Syghus (Denmark). Those discussions led to the establishment of an organising committee, empowered by an enabling document signed in 1998, which was dedicated to bringing about “an institution [that is] urgently needed in Europe to bring together and support those concerned for research, teaching and practice in relation to psychological, social and organisational issues in occupational health, and to promote excellence in such activities”. EAOHP was formally constituted in 1999 at the First European Workshop on Occupational Health Psychology in Lund, Sweden, organised by the Universities of Lund and Kristianstad.

In 2006 the Academy was registered as a charity under English law, a move that served to ensure its continued growth as a formal, transparent and democratic operation that exists for the benefit of its members and the advancement of the discipline. To this end, EAOHP engages in a number of activities, including its biennial conference, the publication of its flagship journal Work & Stress, the publication of its newsletter the Occupational Health Psychologist, awarding fellowships to individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to OHP, as well as awards such as the Andre Bussing Memorial Prize to honour early career researchers and the Eusebio Rial-Gonzalez award for innovators and practitioners (in collaboration with EU-OSHA). EAOHP also jointly established the International Co-ordinating Group for Occupational Health Psychology (ICG-OHP) in 2000 to encourage collaboration between existing and emerging representative groups in shaping the future of OHP. In 2013 the EAOHP became a learned society member of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Executive Committee

Stavroula Leka


Lancaster University, UK

Sergio Iavicoli

Past President

INAIL, Italy

Kevin Teoh

Executive Officer

Birkbeck, University of London, UK

Luis Torres

Finance Director

University of Nottingham, UK

Aditya Jain

External Relations Officer

University of Nottingham, UK

Caleb Leduc

Membership Officer

University College Cork, Ireland

Miguel Munoz

Conference Chair

University of Nottingham, UK

Juliet Hassard

Publications Officer

Queen’s University Belfast, UK

Sílvia da Silva

Chair, Research Forum

Iscte-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal

Daniel Ripa

Chair, Practice Forum

University of Borgus, Spain

Despoina Xanthopoulou

Chair, Education Forum

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Fiona Frost


University of Nottingham, UK

Guillaume Déprez

Systems Officer

Université de Bordeaux, France

Our Forums

Research Forum

The EAOHP Research Forum aims to promote high quality research and innovation in the field of OHP

Education Forum

The EAOHP Education Forum deals with both academic and practitioner education and training issues.

Practice Forum

The EAOHP Practice Forum is concerned with the translation of knowledge and research in OHP into workplace interventions