The International Coordinating Group - Occupational Health Psychology

The Initiative

In 2000 there were extensive discussions among representatives from the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health,  the American Psychological Association, the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology and the editors of the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology (JOHP) and Work and Stress about the development and future of the discipline.

While respecting the development of OHP groups in different countries and regions, it was agreed that there was a need for an International Co-ordinating Group (ICG-OHP). Such a group was established at a meeting in Washington in November 2000. One particular task of ICG-OHP was to coordinate the scheduling of  conferences serving the discipline.

The initial members of the ICG-OHP were:

 Julian Barling (Journal of Occupational Health Psychology)

  • Mike Colligan (US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health – NIOSH)
  • Tom Cox (Work and Stress)
  • Heather Fox (American Psychological Association – APA)
  • Stavroula Leka (European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology)
  • Joe Hurrell (NIOSH)
  • Gwendolyn Keita (APA)
  • Steve Sauter (NIOSH)

Current Members