The department of Social Psychology at Tilburg University has a vacancy for a PhD student on the topic of Social Motives in Coalition Formation (full-time, 4 years)

Project description 
The PhD project is part of Compose 3, a multidisciplinary collaboration between Tilburg University and evofenedex with a focus on the logistics sector and its transition into a sustainable or net-zero footprint industry. The contribution of the PhD project is to study the social motives that are important for sustainable coalition formation. These include both trait-like factors such as personality traits, social-cognitive abilities, social preferences, social value orientation or emotion proneness (e.g., fear, greed) and situational factors, such as framing, reputation, sanctions, different incentive structures, and defaults. The goal of the project is to identify which factors contribute to the creation of sustainable coalitions, next to financial incentives that are studied in Economics. The project will achieve its goals by both analyzing secondary data (e.g.,  through the LISS panel, and by designing experimental studies of social dilemmas that reflect the type of decisions that have to be made by actors in the logistics sector. As such, the project strives to both increase our theoretical understanding of social motives in coalition formation and to create societal impact by contributing to more sustainable decision making in the logistics sector.

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