The University of Sheffield has one postdoctoral and two PhD positions that are open for application.

Postdoctoral position

The postdoctoral position is a five-year post working with Professor Karina Nielsen and Dr Cristian Vasquez on a new EU project on Compassionate Workplace interventions. The project focuses on how to create a warm and supporting environment at work in which challenging life-experiences of serious illness, death and loss are given a place. The purpose of the role is to develop and support the evaluation of compassionate workplace interventions, analyse qualitative and quantitative process and outcome data, and disseminate findings in scientific outlets, policy briefs, and at practitioner and scientific conferences. For further information please visit:

PhD positions

The first PhD vacancy is entitled ‘How and When do Workplace Bullying Bystanders Intervene in the Process’ (full-time, 3.5 years). In this PhD, the successful candidate will lead a programme of research to shed light into the important issue of workplace bulling and bystander responses. The PhD will use quantitative methods, integrating both a longitudinal field study and an experimental vignette study. The research produced will have substantial practical value, as it can be used as the basis for designing future organisational interventions. For further information please visit:

The second PhD vacancy is entitled ‘The Development, Content and Implementation of National Labour Policies’ (full-time, 3.5 years). This PhD provides an excellent opportunity to collaborate with the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the United Nations specialist agency responsible for developing international labour standards. The project’s main focus will be the development, implementation, and coverage of national labour policies. For further information please visit: